Building a Trellis

Building A Trellis Tips

   Feb 22

Building a Trellis

For years, trellises have been used to decorate and give special effect to your garden as well as outdoor space. Trellises are beautiful structures made up of wood, metals, or wires that make your garden look grand and improve the plant growth in the specified area as well. You can decide to buy a readymade trellis that is available in the market or to build one yourself.

If you require a bigger trellis, it is recommended that you go with building a trellis yourself. Building a trellis needs creativity, the extent of which can make your task either simple or a complicated depending on how you plan to do it. Building a trellis is an easy job if you have the right information and the right set of tools available with you. Here are some factors that you must consider before building a trellis.

• Site Selection: It plays an important role while building a trellis. Select the area that would help you give enough space for the plants to grow in the future. Further, do remember the space required for the maintenance as well. Even the site conditions impact your choice of method and materials for construction. For example, if the site undergoes changing temperatures frequently, you might prefer wood instead of metal for building a trellis.

• Size and Style: Complexity of building a trellis would depend upon the size and the style that you select. Remember, right architecture is one of the greatest appeals of a trellis. So, make sure to select a style and size that complement its surroundings as well as your house exterior.

• Material Selection: A number of choices such as wood, metals and wires are
available to build a trellis. Wood is the best choice, as it can be easily shaped in several styles. Nowadays, Western Red Cedar, a type of softwood, is the most popular choice for building a trellis. Cedars are durable and have a natural resistance power against insects and decay. Further, they are known to be environment friendly and that they give a natural look to your garden. In short, select a material that would not only give you the desired output but is also relatively inexpensive and requires minimum maintenance.

• Type of Plants: Before building a trellis, determine the type of plants in your garden.

Different plants grow at varying rates and that they require different kind of support as well. Make sure that the trellis you plan to build provides enough space for the growth of your plant along with adequate air circulation.

• Trellis Plan Selection: Another important factor to be considered before building a trellis is to select a good trellis plan. A good trellis plan should be simple and yet give an inviting and stylish look to your garden. The trellis plan should give you all the necessary information that is required for constructing a trellis without any difficulty.

Remember to remove all rocks, stones and plants before you dig for your trellis. Make sure to treat the portion of the post that would be below the ground with a good preservative so that it lasts long. You can even consider adding an attractive finesse to your trellis too.